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What to expect in the first session

The first session is an initial assessment, which lasts 50 minutes. It is an opportunity for you to share what has brought you to therapy and for us to think together about what you wish to gain from it and how best to proceed.

I also offer Brief Psychodynamic Therapy. This is a time-limited approach where we agree a set number of sessions, usually 6-12 sessions. We then work with a specific focus on a particular issue that it causing distress.

With both open-ended and time-limited work, all sessions are 50 minutes and we meet once a week on the same day and time.

The initial assessment fee is £60.

The weekly session fee is £55.

Driftwood Counselling
Driftwood Counselling

I understand it takes time to build a safe and trusting relationship. Take that first step today by booking your first appointment.